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Our grants programme is currently closed to new applications. The next funding round will open Autumn 2024.  Please check back then for further information.

What we do

Since 1985 we have awarded grants to projects and initiatives across the UK. The Charity was established to help promote road safety and to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads. This remains at the heart of everything we do and our work in supporting these initiatives serves this purpose.

We are committed to improving the safety of everyone who uses the roads. Our belief is that supporting educational initiatives is the most effective way to do this, although we are also keen to encourage applications from other areas of road safety where there may be limited alternative sources of funding.

We feel it is important to get to know and understand the experiences and perspectives of our applicants. Over the years this has led to the development of some strong and enduring relationships, as well as improved outputs and impacts among industry professionals, policy makers, the media and in communities across the country.

Reducing risk

Traffic collisions are a serious risk for everyone, no matter where they are or how they use the road. Ever since it was established in 1985, the GEM Road Safety Charity has been playing its part to help reduce risk.

The facts

In 2021, 1,766 people were killed on the UK’s roads (1,711 in Great Britain, 55 in Northern Ireland). Road deaths have increased by 10% since 2021, close to pre-pandemic levels.
Additionally, 28,941 were seriously injured (28,031 in Britain, 910 in Northern Ireland). The short- and long-term effect on victims and their families are significant, with emotional distress, pain and anxiety that can last a lifetime.
We are committed to helping reduce these numbers. We believe that education is central to encouraging safer behaviour by all road users. We welcome opportunities to ensure safety is at the heart of our need to be mobile.
We know that road fatalities and injuries are largely preventable. We cannot claim to have the wherewithal and the expertise to eliminate or reduce them on our own, but by supporting the work of committed organisations large and small, we believe we can play an important role in raising awareness of road risk.

How we work

We really love to support projects and initiatives that work in partnership, where greater impact can be achieved by organisations working together. With a clear lead organisation, partners will have distinct roles and responsibilities, be committed to the project and will work together to share in its successes.

Make a donation

We encourage donations towards our important work to help save lives. If you’d like to make a donation yourself, please tap the button below.